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7 website secrets every small business should know

In an age where everyone relies on the Internet for information, businesses have responded to this phenomenon by setting up their own website in order to reach and become accessible to their target market. However, coming up with a website is just part of an entire marketing strategy. The most important part of managing the […]

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The great website design hoax

The great web design hoax

In an age where the Internet is considered the most reliable source of relevant information, businesses, both big and small, are responding to this fact by making sure that their online presence does not only generate traffic, but that website visits translate into a sale or signup for a service. It’s interesting that one of […]

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Monitor your brand or stay in the dark

So part of what we do is brand monitoring, for mentions about “audana” – this is set-up so when content is published about my target key-phrase “audana”, and Google finds it, I get an email notification about it. This is particularly useful because it means I can monitor the sentiment of the content and make […]

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