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E-Learning Can Help You Educate Clients

E-Learning Can Help You Educate Clients

Have you thought about the ways that UK E-learning consumers could benefit your business? When people go online, they want to get an answer to a particular question. Sometimes, the answer is contained within a particular product — other times, the answer is a service. Whatever the case may be, however, the search engine question […]

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Music Cornwall

Brief was to build a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) along with a forward facing publishing platform that aids in the promotion and awareness of the music service. A continuing large scale project that has seen us develop a staff training programme to enable key staff members to think like “content curators” and capture content for […]

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MediaCampLondon #2

MediaCampLondon #2 or the cute tag of #MCL2 is taking place December 13 at the client venue of SAE London. And “hats-off” to them too, opening their doors to a bunch of geeks such as these is incredibly generous. How come? Well the thing is the event is FREE, doesn’t cost anything at all, the […]

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