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Common SEO Mistakes Infographic

25+ Common SEO Mistakes That Affect Your Site’s Ranking (Infographic)

Making mistakes while implementing SEO factors are common, for the simple reason that there are innumerable off-page and on-page SEO techniques available. The landscape of SEO is vast and for businesses, making the right choice can be a challenge. In such a scenario, if businesses are not up-to-date with the latest Google updates and algorithm […]

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Websites do not have a divine right to rank well

You may have heard me say this before, but really, websites do not have a divine right to rank highly in search engines, particularly Google. Why not? This is easily answered by stating that websites need a few things in order to rank well. The technology used to make them The TEXT used throughout the […]

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Falmouth Fishing Trips

George is a classic small business owner, he operates Fishing Trips from Falmouth, Cornwall between Easter and October. George came to us as he wanted a site that dominates Google search rankings, and also allows people to find information fast and call him. So, we gave him just that! Interestingly George doesn’t own a computer […]

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Landing Pages, What Are They?

Landing Pages, What Are They?

Whether you know what a landing page is or not, your site has them! Put very simply, a landing page is the first page that a user sees when arriving at your site. If your landing pages are not organised in a cohesive way, then search engines have the greatest influence in deciding what is […]

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Online Marketing

Online Marketing Helps You To Stand Out On A Global Scale

Online marketing is the future of marketing in the UK, and we at Audana know the importance of a strong online presence. The benefits of online marketing are best seen on a global scale, as any type of business or company can be seen by a global audience easily when marketing their services or products […]

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Google’s 200 Ranking Factors

Google’s 200 Ranking Factors Do you like really big lists? Well, it’s your lucky day as I’ve stumbled across an enormous infographic relating to Google’s 200 Ranking Factors over on entrepreneur.com. Google’s 200 Ranking Factors? For us in the search engine optimisation business we’ve been trying to work out since the birth of Google how the […]

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Limo hire in Cornwall

Cornwall Limo Hire

Cornwall Limo Hire operates both black and pink limousine chauffeur service throughout Cornwall for proms, weddings and special glamorous events. One of the key things Cornwall Limo Hire needed was some good Google presence across a range of keyword searches. We delivered an attractive content managed website using a lot of vivid colour and images aimed […]

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12 key on-page SEO factors that search engines (and users) love

  I stumbled across this very good SEO factors infographic that I thought I’d share with you, as it provides a great summary of the important things to consider regarding on-page SEO. I’ve extracted the main points from the image and written them as text also. Leverage SEO friendly permalink URLS – You want your […]

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Engage: Absence Management

Engage Absence Management

Honeydew Health has grown from more than ten years of experience in the absence management business. They have a positive take on absence management and by empowering all levels within an organisation, enable clients to actively manage and drive healthy performance. Their core values – engage, inspire, empower, resolve – are the backbone of their […]

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web design cornwall

Choosing Web Designers

Whether you are seeking to establish your first Internet presence or looking at redesigning your existing company website, it is imperative when choosing web designers that can not only satisfy the design ideas of your company, but I would suggest more importantly, its target audience. This task usually requires a fair amount of research and […]

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